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Training Seminars

One of the hallmarks of the Inspiration Point ministry is thorough and creative training – a cornerstone upon which all else is built. Elements of this training are now available for export to churches and schools.



Pastor Ryan Nilsen of Barkhamsted, Connecticut reported that seminar participants noted that Greg delivered an “excellent presentation” and that “On scale of 1-5, 5 being ‘exceeded expectations,’ someone marked Greg’s presentation as a 6!”


Meeting ‘em Where They’re At / The 4 Laws of Learning
(1 hour)

Before we seek to bring the Gospel message to people we ought to first seek to understand who they are an how they learn. Jesus always knew his audience and delivered his message accordingly. By learning a few keys, our teaching can become much more effective.

Audience: Youth Workers, Adults, SS Teachers


BE-Attitudes: Basic Training for Youth as Leaders
(45 minutes)

In Christ, we are called to “be who we are,” i.e. who God has declared us to be in Him. With that firmly in mind, we’ll look at 5 “Be-attitudes” that will help us in pointing younger kids to Christ. This seminar is geared toward those who are teaching/leading children.

Audience: Youth, SS Teachers


Board Relations and Governance
(4 hours)

What is the role of a board? What criteria should be used in selecting board members? How do we avoid conflict between board and pastor/director so that energy goes toward ministry? What expectations ought board members to have? We’ll examine these questions and more.

Audience: Church Leaders


Capital Campaign Development
(Up to 3 hours)

This seminar will provide a comprehensive overview of the elements included in capital campaigns. You will be taken through the processes of feasibility study, plan, implementation, and follow-up. Further consultation is available. 

Audience: Church Leaders


Delivering the Message
(1 hour)

When considering the Gospel message and the importance for children and youth to grasp it, we need to consider two questions: “What do they need to hear and how should they hear it?”

Audience: Youth Workers, Adults, SS Teachers


Growing a Community
(45 minutes)

It is reported that 73% of people attending our churches today are there seeking relationships. If that is the case, what are some key principles in our churches being able to offer authentic community to this world that so desperately needs it? We’ll cover key components that can benefit congregations, youth groups, classrooms, and small groups.

Audience: Youth Workers, Adults, SS Teachers, Church Leaders


I Don’t Get ‘Em: Gaining Insight Into Today’s Youth
(1 hour)

Each generation of youth has a culture of its own. To an outsider, it can be puzzling at best and frightening at worst. But we cannot roll over and go back to sleep and we cannot run for our lives. We’ll learn what makes them tick, and how to bring the Gospel message to this generation.

Audience: Youth Workers, Adults, SS Teachers, Church Leaders


The Imparted Life: 7 Keys to Lifegiving Leadership
(1 hour)

Paul wrote to the Thessalonian church that “we were delighted to share with you not only the Gospel, but our very lives as well.” Paul understood that a life that is shared with others is both important and impacting. One area where an imparted life is especially necessary is in the realm of leadership. Whether in the workplace, in the ministry, or in families, leadership is needed that is based on servanthood and sharing one’s life with others. Come for the seminar — leave with a renewed passion to invest in the lives of others.

Audience: Youth Workers, Adults, SS Teachers, Church Leaders, Youth


It’s All Part of the Plan
(2 hours)

Learn the value of retreating and how to plan one for your group, from concept to final evaluation. Practical suggestions will be offered regarding purpose, program, planning, promotion, and facility selection.

Audience: Youth Workers, Adults, Church Leaders


Keys to Solid Communication
(1 hour)

Short of resorting to a bullhorn, how do we equip our staff to be able to meet needs of others in a timely and appropriate fashion? Communication is key, we know. But how can we do it effectively so that people are on the same page, ready to meet need and are eager to do so? Tune in!

Audience: Youth Workers, Adults, Church Leaders


On Target – Developing Themes That Teach and Build Momentum
(1 hour)

Themes and curriculum that is developed with clear purpose and goals will bring the message of the Gospel in a lifegiving and memorable manner. This seminar will explore key components of this process.

Audience: Youth Workers, Adults, SS Teachers


Overcoming Fears That Cripple
(45 minutes)

Too often people flee from opportunities to invest their lives in the lives of children and youth because of fear. In this seminar, we’ll identify and properly address fears that can steal joy and cause us to miss out on opportunities to be Gospel-bearers.Audience: Youth Workers, Adults, SS Teachers


Parenting for Purity
(Up to 4 hours)

How can a young man or woman keep their way pure? (Ps. 119) Culture tells our kids that purity is a curse, but the Bible teaches us that purity is a blessing. And it is! Matthew 5:8 says, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God.” As we raise up our children, parenting for purity is essential. It is too important to allow our children to do it alone. And in their world, it becomes very confusing, even to Christian kids. Explore keys to think about as you mold the hearts of your children and encourage then to live pure and holy lives, by God’s grace.

Audience: Youth Workers, Adults, SS Teachers, Church Leaders


Seeing Jesus Again for the First Time
(75 minutes)

During this flyover of Mark’s gospel account, we’ll zoom in on specific accounts that shed light on Jesus in a way that you maybe haven’t seen before. In this world where counterfeits are becoming more common, it is good to reacquaint ourselves with the authentic Jesus all over again.

Audience: Youth Workers, Adults, SS Teachers, Youth, Church Leaders


The Timothy Project
(4 hours)

Designed in partnership with Youth Leadership and the Network of Lutheran Youth Workers, this training seminar will encourage and equip leaders and volunteers in their ministry to youth.  Whether you are a youth ministry veteran or attending your first youth event because you raised your hand when someone asked, “Does anyone own a minivan?", we’ll ask and answer questions that everyone has, and we’ll do it in an informative and lively manner.  If you’re leading, parenting, or volunteering with youth, this is a “don’t miss” event.  

Audience: Youth Workers, Adults, SS Teachers, Church Leaders, Parents


Troubleshooting: What to Do When “Things Go South”
(45 minutes)

It is normal. It is even probable because the battle for the lives of our children and youth is in full swing. In every teaching situation, there will always be times when things do not go as you planned. Proper expectations and response, kids who need attention, great strategies… we’ll cover them all and more.

Audience: Youth Workers, SS Teachers

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