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IPoint Equips - Sept. 23-24

Pastors, youth leaders, children’s ministry directors, teachers,and parents – this event is for you! IPOINT EQUIPS is designed to provide high-quality training and teaching to those who invest in the lives of others. 

Nurturing Wisdom in an Unwise World: An event for youth workers, parents and people who love teenagers

One of the unique elements of the adolescent experience is that it leads through a minefield of choices. From hormones to immaturity to inexperience to simple run-of-the-mill stupidity (most of us remember this, right?), adolescence comes with its own unique expressions. Even our students who desire to follow Christ often get confused about what it means to make Christ-like decisions.  How do we train young people to make "either-or choices" in a "multiple choice" culture? And how are we to understand the forces and circumstances that seem to lead them to make unwise choices? Over the course of four seminars, you’ll be given a chance to explore these questions, and discover some practical answers, in a weekend that we guarantee will be enlightening, encouraging, inspiring and a lot of fun.


Duffy Robbins, has over 40 years of experience working in ministry to young people. As a professor of Youth Ministry at Eastern University in St. Davids, Pennsylvania, Duffy speaks around the world to teenagers and people who care about them! Duffy has a D. Min. in Youth and Family Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary and is the author of numerous books including Ministry of Nurture, This Way to Youth Ministry: An Introduction to the Adventure, Speaking to Teenagers, Youth Ministry Nuts and Bolts, and Building a Youth Ministry That Disciples.


SEMINAR ONE: Understanding the Teenage Mind

We start our time together with a look at the landscape of adolescent thinking, its high places, flat-lands, steep drops, and dangerous fault-lines. In this session, we’ll focus on this basic question: What makes the teenage years so tough? 

SEMINAR TWO:  Superheroes, Super-egos and the Marks of Adolescent Folly

 In this session, we zoom in on the specific marks of adolescence that can make the teenage years a jungle of confusing choices and conflicting desires. We’ll not only talk about those issues in terms that are real and practical for parents and youth workers, we’ll demonstrate some ways that you can talk about these issues with the teenagers you care about.

SEMINAR THREE: From Policeman Bill to the Word of God: Bringing Wisdom to Life

This practical session will help you to think about what it means for teenagers to make straight choices in a crooked world, i.e. what does wisdom look like in the life of teenager? And we’ll explore some practical, real-world ways - whether you’re a parent or a youth worker - to help teenagers make wise decisions in an unwise world.

SEMINAR FOUR: So You Think You Can Dance

This last session is for you! We can get so bogged down with the demands of parenting and ministry that we lose the wonder of what God is allowing us to do! Both ministry and parenting can leave us with the impression that somehow we can nurture maturity in our teenagers by simply learning “five easy steps” or “four basic principles” (or “three essential choke-holds”).  In truth, maturity and nurture is never about getting all the steps right. Maturity and nurture is about living into the daily dance of life with Jesus. 


IPoint Equips Registration

Price: $60 

Price includes Friday & Saturday seminars, materials, and lunch on Saturday. Add $25 for an optional overnight which includes lodging on Friday night and breakfast on Saturday. Registrations paid in full by September 9 receive a $25 early registration discount.

Register online at


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