CheckPoint Costs & Deadlines

CheckPoint Tuition

Application Fee

$50 if paid by January 31st
$100 After January 31st


Tuition is $4975. Included is all housing costs, an average of 7 or more meals per week, books and materials, program related travel and education expenses. There are discounts for early payments that reduce tuition to the following amounts:
$4475 if paid in full by March 31st (that is a $500 early pay discount)
$4725 if a $1500 non-refundable deposit is paid by March 31st. ($250 discount)
There is a minimum $250 deposit due by March 31st.


CheckPointers are paid a stipend of $300 each month while they are on site. This will help offset the costs incurred while they are in CheckPoint, such as gas, groceries or personal items.

Key Dates

January 31 - Early Application Deadline (Application Fee is $50 by 1/31, after 1/31 fee is $100)
March 31 - Payment Discount Deadline ($500 discount from total cost with full payment. $250 discount from total cost with a $1500 non-refundable deposit).
May 31- $250 non-refundable minimum deposit due.
August 10th- Last date that applications are accepted.
August 31st- Payment is due in full. Any applicant who is not paid in full will not be allowed to begin the CheckPoint program.