CheckPoint Phases & Core Themes

CheckPoint Core Themes

The teaching, study, discussion and practical experiences during Phase 1 of the CheckPoint program will focus on the following five themes.

1. Biblical Study and Christian Foundations
The study of the Bible is not only foundational to the life of those in Christian ministry; it is the foundation for every Christian who seeks to grow in their faith. Therefore, the study of the Bible is primary to this program. It will be the foundation for all that is done and will comprise the majority of the study at CheckPoint. The study of such topics as doctrine* and ethics will begin and end in God's word. The intent is not only for CheckPointers to consume large portions of God's Word, but that by God's grace, God's Word will consume them. *IPoint is affiliated with and shares the core values of the CLB. 

2. Worldview and Culture
Worldview is the set of fundamental principles that guide how we see the world around us and the culture in which we engage in ministry and service. When we identify our own worldview and its impact on our ideas, we can effectively understand our own decisions and the principles by which we make decisions. If we know how others are affected by their worldview, we can better understand them. Therefore, the study of worldview (ours and others) helps us learn to effectively engage the culture in which we are called to serve, and increases our ability to effectively communicate the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

3. Leadership
The Church is (and has always been) in need of effective leaders. These leaders need to be committed to studying God's word, understanding culture, serving Jesus Christ and serving others. However, many Christians with those qualities don't have a Biblical understanding of leadership, nor do they know how to lead effectively. CheckPointers will study what it means to be a leader, develop the skills necessary for effective leadership and gain first-hand leadership experience so that they can lead effectively wherever they are called.

4. Ministry skills
It would be unusual to find two individuals, engaged in ministry, who have identical skill sets. Every Christian is gifted and called in unique ways. However, there are some skills that are of great benefit to those who are in ministry. Skills like Biblical interpretation, public speaking, teaching, planning and organizing events, hospitality, and leading others are important. CheckPointers will study and practice these and other ministry skills so that they can grow in their effectiveness.

5. Service
Serving others is not something that needs to be studied as much as it needs to be practiced. Serving others is a lifestyle and an attitude of the heart. Consequently, CheckPointers will be serving others as a consistent part of the program. Throughout the program, CheckPointers will develop the habit of serving others and strengthen their understanding of how serving others honors Christ and is an example to the world of God's unconditional love.

As CheckPointers study and practice these core themes, Inspiration Point staff will teach, model, and mentor in ways that show what it looks like when they are put into practice in everyday life. Col 3:23 1Cor 11:1

CheckPoint exists in three phases:

The first phase begins in September and continues through May. Phase 1 is the part of the program where the bulk of the teaching takes place. Teaching will be centered on five core themes: Biblical study and Christian Foundations, Worldview and Culture, Leadership, Ministry Skills and Service.

The second phase is the summer (late May through August). CheckPointers will serve in a variety of ministry positions on summer staff. The intent is that this will give them an opportunity to use the ministry and leadership skills in a familiar environment where they are mentored on a daily basis.

The third phase takes place following the summer staff experience. As CheckPointers will be heading off in many directions (some to school and others to work etc.) we will help them find a congregation in which to serve in ministry. During this time, CheckPointers will be mentored by CheckPoint staff throughout the year and will return to Inspiration Point periodically throughout phase 3 for "CheckPoint Check-Up" seminars. These are intended to touch base with CheckPointers and to explore how the study of leadership and ministry applies to their current ministry situations.