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Site & Facilities Manager - Spitzer Lake

This is a full-time, year round, salaried position. The people serving in this capacity are key individuals since the servicing of the facility supports the entire ministry program.

The Site and Facilities Manager will have a vital, growing relationship with God, a strong work ethic, and an outstanding ability to work directly with people, supervise other staff and additional volunteers on occasion. They should be in full agreement with the goals and purposes of Inspiration Point and be dedicated to excellence in the workplace for the sake of Inspiration Point and its guests. The person serving in this position will work closely with the Projects Manager, collaborating and partnering when beneficial. This position reports to the Spitzer Lake Camp Director.



  1. Shall have the specific skills and physical ability required for fulfilling listed responsibilities.
  2.  Shall be a responsible and self-motivated individual with a concern for organization, excellence, and good stewardship.
  3. Shall exhibit pleasant and personable behavior toward people of all ages.
  4. Shall demonstrate outstanding work ethic and quality in setting the tone for others.
  5. Shall possess a maintenance and/or building background; camp experience and knowledge of Inspiration Point are desirable.

Specific Responsibilities:


  1. Assist in responding to all repair requests within 24 hours of notification.
  2. Responsible for monitoring and removing garbage, cardboard and kitchen waste.
  3. Responsible for set-up and take-down for all events held on site.
  4. Provide for proper maintenance of septic systems, HVAC, softeners, refrigeration, plumbing, electrical, wells, equipment, buildings, grounds, and other systems, utilizing a schedule for regular maintenance tasks.
  5. Keep appropriate levels of softener salt, diesel, gasoline, and other supplies in stock.
  6. Assist in carrying out plans for construction and other projects, working with the Projects Manager.

Grounds Keeping

  1. Responsible for mowing, trimming, raking, watering, cutting wood, general cleanup, snow removal and maintenance of the Spitzer Lake Site.
  2. Responsible for seasonal tasks in preparation for winter and summer ministries.


  1. Assist in leading, supervising, and ministering to summer staff and CheckPoint students as they serve in the maintenance area.
  2. Assist with the work portion of Hands 2 Help and other work weekends, supervising staff and volunteers so that a high quality of work is maintained and appreciation is expressed.

Ministry to Guests

  1. Serve as maintenance person on site for weekends according to the scheduled calendar. (Typically two weekends a month)
  2. Assist the program area in serving guests well.