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6 Summers that Changed My Life

By Tim Erickson

At age 16 I thought I had everything figured out. My days were filled with basketball, video games and pizza - not to mention I had a driver’s license!  I was set. 

But then I decided to apply to work at Inspiration Point, and things would never be the same. While working at camp, Jesus used six summers to radically change my life.

WAY OUT WEST (2006) 

Before my first summer at camp, I did not understand how hard I could work, how tired I could get, or how much I could feel Jesus’ presence in a place. I learned that camp is about so much more than fun; it is about pointing people to Jesus. Little did I know, one of those people would be me. Before working at camp, Jesus was a part of my life. After this summer, Jesus filled every part of my life.


In 2007, I was experiencing a crisis in my view of prayer. A friend of mine had recently passed away from cancer, despite my prayers. Where was God? 

That summer a boy lost his sleeping bag and was extremely distressed. It was up to me and a few other staff to find it. We searched the camp high and low, top to bottom and side to side – no sleeping bag was to be found. After three full-camp rounds of searching, someone suggested we pray. I scoffed in my heart, but outwardly smiled and agreed. We decided to look one more time. 

After praying, in the first bed, on the first bunk, in the first room, in the first building (with the initials in plain sight), was the sleeping bag. God cares about the little things and most definitely answers prayer. 


I took two summers away from camp before returning in 2010. At this point I felt confident in my faith and in my ability to be an awesome camp staffer. I felt like Michael Jordan coming back after his time playing baseball. The theme this summer focused on Jesus being the star- not me. How appropriate. God humbled my heart and drew me closer to Him this summer. It was exactly what I needed.


As my camp experience kept rising, so did Spitzer Lake. It rose so much, in fact, that the main building at camp came within inches of flooding. Each week we prayed for God to withhold the water and He did. 

In fact, we learned this summer that camp actually sits atop a clay foundation, which suppressed the water. God knew what he was doing far before Inspiration Point was built and it was God’s geology that protected us.

This summer I learned that there is no better foundation than Jesus.


In 2012 a 3rd grade girl came to day camp and happened to be in my group. She had never been in a church, had never opened a Bible and had never heard of Jesus. I had the unbelievable joy of sharing the message of the gospel with her and she put her trust in Jesus that week. I learned that God’s Word is alive, active, and transformative. 


Before this summer I don’t think I understood what it meant to be a servant leader. As an assistant cook, it was hard to be in the kitchen all day, every day while others were spending time with campers. I had an attitude problem. However, I started to see how each part of the body of Christ is connected, and that cooking - though not glamorous - is vital to kids hearing the gospel. It is hard for a hungry kid to hear the message of the gospel. 

In my last summer at camp, I really learned what it means to be a servant to promote the gospel.


Get Away. Get Life. Get to The Point.
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