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Adventure Course

Adventure Course is a branch of Outdoor Adventure Education (OAE) at Inspiration Point. It is a challenge course designed for experiential learning with two components- Team Building, and High Ropes.

Our staff is well-trained, skilled, and engaging in leading participants of all ages through the many different physical, mental, and spiritual obstacles of both Team Building and High Ropes. High Ropes staff are ACCT trained and certified, and participants use a state-of-the-art continuous belay system designed by KONG. Four main tenets—safety, commitment, communication, and growth—facilitate groups in gaining a variety of skills, and learning practical, thoughtful, and spiritual applications. Adventure course can be experienced by attending Inspiration Point camps or retreats, adding it to your rental group experience, or scheduling an OAE event. This experience is great for homeschool, private-school, and public-school, youth organizations, community education, church groups, and service groups. Check out our pricing packages in the info box. To express interest and to start the planning process, fill out the OAE Inquiry Form.

Participants have found Adventure Course to have a significant positive impact in the areas of:

  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Leadership Skills
  • Perseverance
  • Teambuilding (unity, communication, role fulfillment, etc)
  • Trust and Support
  • Self Awareness (Identity, roles, skills)

Who could benefit from Adventure Course?

While it has been a staple of our year-round programming for camps and retreats, Adventure Course can be perfect for a variety of ages and groups, such as:

  • Church and Youth Groups
  • Students and/or Faculty
  • Athletic Teams
  • Office/Organization Coworkers
  • Elder Boards
  • Boards of Directors