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How do I get to camp? Can I send my child a letter? How does camp handle food allergies? It's okay if you have questions about camp. We would love to help you find the answers! Below is a list of the questions we are most frequently asked. If your question isn't on the list, please send us an email at or call 218.338.5379.

General Questions About Inspiration Point 

How do I get to Twin Oaks? 

If you are using a navigation app to get to Twin Oaks, please use this address: 16157 Co Hwy 65, Vining, MN 56588.

I have a food allergy can I attend a camp or retreat?
Yes. We have an incredible food service staff that is trained and certified in food safety practices. Inspiration Point is able to accommodate any of the common 'Big Nine' allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, dairy, fish and shellfish, sesame, soy, and eggs), as well as vegan or vegetarian options, but is unable to provide options based on diet preference. If you have specific questions for our food service director about food allergies, please email

What should I pack?
Here is a general list of things to pack for any event at IPoint: a bible, bed linens or sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, a towel, closed-toed shoes, and appropriate clothing for the season. Specific packing lists are included in confirmation materials and are sent via email.

What size of bed linens should I bring?
• Red Oak Rooms: 1 queen bed, 4 twin beds per room
• Village Green Cabins: 1 queen bed, 11 twin beds per room
• Caboose: 8 twin beds per room
• Oak Point: 1 full bed, 3/5 twin beds per room
• Oak Point Suites: 1 full bed, 5 twin beds per room

Can I bring my dog to camp?
To protect campers/guests with pet allergies all of our facilities are pet free. There are several kennels and overnight boarding facilities in the area.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?
To register, a non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is required ($50 Retreats, $75 Youth Camp, $100 Family Camp). In the event of cancellation, a refund of the balance (excluding the deposit) will be granted if we are notified at least two weeks prior to the event. No transfers or refunds for cancelations will be allowed within two weeks of the event. For summer youth camps, same camper transfers from one camp session to another (including the deposit) are available before April 1st, transfers after that date will require a new deposit. Please ensure that any transfer requests or cancelations comply with the respective timelines specified in this policy. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with these guidelines. If you have any further questions or require clarification, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What is the mission of Inspiration Point?
Click here to learn more about the mission, vision and values of Inspiration Point.

Youth Camp Questions

Will my child be safe at camp?
Camper safety is our first priority at Inspiration Point and is something we take seriously! Over 30% of our summer staff are certified lifeguards and are trained in first aid and CPR. We also employ a camp nurse to manage medications and care for camper and staff health. All of our staff complete over 120 hours of training before each summer begins.

How do you hire summer staff?
At Inspiration Point, we know that staff are the backbone of the ministry. We go through great lengths to make sure we hire the very best staff possible. Applicants complete a staff application, submit three character references, are interviewed and complete a background check prior to employment. We look for individuals with exceptional character, a strong faith in Jesus Christ, and a passion for serving others.
All summer staffers complete 120 hours of training before working with campers.

What is your camper/staff ratio?
In cabin groups, the camper to counselor ratio is 1:8 (Trailblazers 1:4); when you include support staff, the total camper to staff ratio is 1:4.

Is the waterfront properly supervised?
Whenever the waterfront is open our waterfront supervisor and lifeguards are on duty. Over 30% of our summer staff are Red Cross lifeguard/CPR/first aid certified. In addition to properly staffing the waterfront, we require a life jacket to be worn at all times when using any of our boats.

I have a child with special needs. Can he/she still come to camp?
At Inspiration Point, our hope is that all kids get the opportunity to experience camp. We recognize that every child that comes to camp may have unique needs whether it is physical, social, mental, emotional, or behavioral. If you have concerns about your child's ability to participate in any part of a camp experience, we would love to have a conversation about how we can best serve your child.
If one-on-one care is required for your child to attend camp, a same-sex personal care attend (PCA) must accompany the camper. A background check is required for all PCAs. PCAs attend camp at reduced rate (50% of camper price). Please contact our administrative office if you would like to discuss your camper's needs further with a member of our staff.

How do you make a roommate request?
Roommates can be requested on your registration form or by contacting our administration office. Roommate requests should be made at least two weeks in advance. Since the benefits of a camp experience includes making new friends, campers may write the name of only ONE other person they'd like to room with (TWO if there is a threesome). Groups of four or more will be split into smaller groups. Roommate requests are only guaranteed if both campers request each other.

Can I send my child a letter?
Campers love receiving mail, so please write! If you write your letters ahead of time and mark which day they are to be given to the camper, bring them with you to registration and our staff will deliver them accordingly. When sending letters to Twin Oaks, use the address 16157 Co Hwy 65, Vining, MN 56588 (remember to include the camper's first and last name and a return address on the outside of the envelope or package). Please do not fax or email campers letters. Phone calls may be made and/or accepted only in cases of emergency.

Adult & Family Events

Can I request a single occupancy room? 
Yes. If space allows you may request a single occupancy room in Oak Point for an additional fee of $50.

Is my first choice in housing guaranteed?
We do our best to accommodate all housing requests. However, due to space limitations, housing requests are not guaranteed. If your first choice is unavailable, we will notify you prior to your arrival.

I have a newborn, can I bring my baby with me to a women's retreat?
We understand that it can be difficult for a nursing mother to attend a women's event without her new born. In order to protect the retreat experience for other guests we ask that infants not accompany mom. If you cannot be separated from your child, please wait and attend another retreat when you are able. Infants are welcome at all family events.