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Connect with Inspiration Point in a whole new way! Each year, hundreds of hours of work are donated by volunteers who come alongside our staff in ministry. Whether individuals, youth groups, service organizations, or families, we love partnering with you in serving people here at camp! Here are a few ideas of how to get more involved with ministry of Inspiration Point:


Each year we host volunteer events to complete projects that take extra manpower! Join other famiies, individuals, and groups as we complete projects, enjoy times of fellowship with each other, and experience God's riches in both the work and relaxation.

Projects and tasks include yard work, cleaning, painting and staining, carpentry, cutting wood, building recreation equipment, and much more! If you have a particular preference or skill, we would love to match you up with a project that suits you, but don't let a lack of preference or specialization keep you from joining us. We are looking for volunteers of all ages and abilities to get involved.

Register by clicking the Hands 2 Help box or for more information call us at (218) 338-5379

3rd Thursday Team

There are always projects that need to be taken care of for our ministry to run smoothly and the "3rd Thursday Team," opens up a monthly invitation for up to 20 friends of Inspiration Point to share their time and skills to help complete those projects. Just like Hands 2 Help, anyone can help with a wide variety of tasks that include yard work, cleaning, some office help, carpentry, cutting wood, and much more! (Tasks often depend on the time of year) Whether you're available for just one Thursday or are ready to make it a regular part of your schedule, the "3rd Thursday Team" eagerly welcomes volunteers of all skill levels, creating a consistent opportunity to be part of the ministry at IPoint. 

We have students on-site for most of those Thursdays throughout the year. With that being said we will ask those signing up for one of those Thursdays to fill out a criminal background check form.

Register by clicking the "3rd Thursday Team" box or for more information call us at (218) 338-5379


Looking for a different way to volunteer here at IPoint? Please don't hesitate to reach out and we will work to come up with a good plan for you to partner with our team! For more informaiton call us at (218) 338-5379. We are looking for volunteers of all ages and abilities to get involved year-round!