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IPoint Internship

Inspiration Point is providing a one-year internship opportunity for up to six people. The focus of the Internship is to provide teaching and practicum experience to young adults so they gain critical skills and understanding for life.

Interns will receive a $1000/month stipend, housing, and meals when provided to guests.

Interns will receive teaching and practice in:

Camp Ministry and Guest Services
An intern will serve groups of all ages through the school year and summer, serving rental and retreat groups our midweek groups and about 3 weekends per month September through May.  After a typical weekend, an intern will have time off from approximately Sunday at Noon to Tuesday at Noon.

Site & Facilities
Two words: Sweat equity! You will put in hard work alongside our site and facilities crew to beautify the site and remove distractions. Interns will also learn valuable skills in facility care and how to properly use tools and equipment.

Have you ever wondered what goes into planning a retreat? You will come alongside the Program Team to get a first-hand look of what it takes to bring a program from start to finish! You will be able to provide insight and ideas as IPoint looks to serve thousands of campers during the year!

Financial Peace University
Through Dave Ramsey's curriculum, interns can acquire the skills to manage your money wisely. This course will set you up to make sound financial decisions for life.

You will spend time throughout the year working alongside our Food Service Manager to prepare meals for our guests, learning tips and tricks along the way.

Church-based Ministry
We know the value of serving, and we want to see you take advantage of this during your time with us. Our local churches are always looking for young adults who want to invest in the lives of their students. You will plug into one of these churches during the school year, serving on Wednesday nights.

Interns will also receive one-to-one, formal mentoring with a member of the Year-Round Staff. Interns will also meet weekly for Bible study and have scheduled activity nights each week with members of the Year-Round Staff.

Part of the Team
Interns will take part in staff meetings, any staff retreats, and CCCA Sectional Events that the Year-Round Staff may attend. They will be encouraged and expected to speak up and share ideas and insights during these times.