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Inspiration Point is a Christian camp and retreat center in west central Minnesota with a mission to provide time, space, and Biblical teaching so people encounter and follow Christ. The following are Inspiration Point's Core Values – a set of guiding principles and tenets that are essential and enduring in the organization. They are readily understood, recognized, and practiced.
Remaining anchored in Christ and the Bible
Serving joyfully
Passion for the mission
Making it better
Working hard
Others first


The Food Service Manager position is a full-time, year-round position. The person serving in this capacity is a key individual since Inspiration Point is dedicated to ministering to its guests completely during their stay, and mealtimes are an integral part of any camp/retreat experience. This individual must have a vital, growing, personal relationship with the Lord, as well as possession of solid management skills and an outstanding ability to work directly with people. This person should be in full agreement with the goals and purposes of Inspiration Point and be dedicated to excellence in the workplace for the sake of Inspiration Point and its ministries. The position reports directly to the Twin Oaks Camp Director.


The mission of the Food Service Manager is to glorify God by joyfully serving his people. That mission can be broken down into two important parts. The first is to maintain a Christ-like atmosphere in the food service area, exhibiting grace toward coworkers and guests. The second part of this mission is to work diligently to plan and execute all menus for variety, quality, and quantity, making sure meals served are nutritious, tasty, economical, pleasing to the eye, and prepared on time.


1. Shall have experience and skills in food preparation and service.
2. Shall be a responsible individual with a concern for organization, cleanliness, and excellence.
3. Shall exhibit pleasant and personable behavior toward people of all ages.
4. Experience in supervisory roles is desirable.
5. Camp experience is desirable.
6. Shall be a ServSafe-certified food service provider.
7. Shall be physically able to: lift up to 50 lbs. at once, stand for long periods of time, and put away and arrange food deliveries.


1. Supervise inventory and purchase all food at the best prices available, stewarding Inspiration Point's resources well by comparing prices regularly.
2. Provide for all food preparation and storage.
3. Operate within the food service budget, communicating updates often to the Twin Oaks Camp Director.
4. Keep accurate records of food and beverages served, leftovers, meal counts, etc. to maximize storage space and minimize food waste.
5. Set and maintain high standards for kitchen, serving area, and dining room cleanliness, order, and safety.
6. Ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local health codes, and ACA standards.
7. Responsible for all food service operations, including, but not limited to: dishwashing, coffee and beverage service, supplies, and dining room housekeeping.
8. Be responsible for training of staff in the food service area.
9. Be a team player, collaborating and communicating regularly with all departments, maintaining a can-do spirit without complaining, making excuses, or gossiping.

Salary and Benefits

Inspiration Point will provide a salary based on person's experience and education, housing, and meals when they are provided to guests. Other benefits associated with full-time employment will be provided at the levels laid forth in Inspiration Point benefits policy.


To apply, please submit the following via email to
1. Cover letter
2. Résumé
3. Statement about how you heard about this position
4. Statement explaining why you are interested in this position
5. StrengthsFinder Top 5 Strengths, if possible

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