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Youth Leader & Chaperone Information

Looking to connect with your students? Look no further! Throughout the year Inspiration Point offers retreats for students in grades 3-12 and YOU are invited!

Why Inspiration Point?
Retreats are a great way for you as a youth leader to come away and spend quality and quantity time with your students. You will have the time and space to build relationships, share experiences, make connections with other youth groups, and sit under teaching that is rooted in God's Word. These retreats give students the opportunity to worship with peers and know they are not alone in their walk with Christ. All you have to do is get your students here and we will do the rest!

Four easy steps to a successful retreat:
1. Promote the retreat to your students.
2. Register your students and leaders.
3. Come to camp and have a BLAST!
4. Repeat!

Promotional Materials
We have digital and printable materials for each retreat available for your use. You can share the digital slides with your congregations and youth groups. You can also print off and pass out the registration forms and handout slips to your students as a physical reminder to register. Click Here to access all the materials. If there is something specific you would like that you don't see or are having issues accessing the materials, email

Registration Process

Student Registration
There are two basic systems for helping your students get registered for a retreat.
1. Print off provided registration forms, have students/parents fill them out, gather them, and then send them to our office for your group. Completed forms can be mailed to 16157 Co Hwy 65, Vining, MN 56588 OR scanned and emailed to
2. You can direct students & families to register online individually and indicate their church group. It will be helpful for you to still keep track of who has signed up. This will help you line up transportation or know what chaperones to bring along.

Youth Leader/Chaperone Registration
All Youth Leaders and Chaperones must fill out the Youth Leader application and complete a background check in order to attend an IPoint retreat. Applications and background checks must be completed two weeks before the start of a retreat so we can plan for lodging and food. Click Here for a printable registration form. Completed forms can be mailed to 16157 Co Hwy 65, Vining, MN 56588 OR scanned and emailed to

Youth Leader/Chaperone Policy
The first male and female chaperones are always free if a church is bringing a group. If there are more than five students from a specific gender, then you can add a second chaperone for that gender. That continues at a 1:5 ratio.

For example:
1-5 male students: 1 male chaperone free- any additional are $60 each.
6-10 male students: 2 male chaperones free- any additional are $60 each.
11-15 male students: 3 male chaperones free- any additional are $60 each.

All Inspiration Point retreats will focus on spending time in God's Word, having a tremendous amount of fun, and enjoying fellowship with one another. We will take care of all the planning, freeing you up to spend time with your students. Following the different group sessions, you will have the opportunity to lead discussions during small group times. This helps foster growth and community in the group you bring. Though each retreat is unique, the base schedule will be something close to what is listed below. For more specifics about a certain event, please look at that event's webpage.

Example Retreat Schedule

Though each retreat is unique, the base schedule is the same.

6:00-7:30 pm – Check In
8:00 pm – First session
9:00 pm – Small group discussions
9:45 pm – Snack

8:30 am – Breakfast
9:15 am – Second Session
10:15 am – Small Group Discussions
11:00 am – Group Activities
12:00 pm – Lunch
1:00-3:00 pm – Free Time Activities
4:00 pm – IPoint Facilitated Activity
5:30 pm – Supper
6:15 pm – Third Session
7:45 pm – Small Group Discussions
8:45 pm – Snack
9:15 pm – Evening Activity

8:30 am – Pastries
9:00 am – Fourth Session
10:00 am – Brunch
11:00 am – Check Out

IPoint retreats are the BEST opportunity each year to build community and camaraderie in our youth group. We leave having learned and grown together in many ways.
Youth Leader