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CheckPoint Overview

For the past two decades, Inspiration Point has been intentionally engaged in the training of young adults. In the past, the formal aspect of this training has been specifically for those who are serving on summer staff. CheckPoint is designed to build on that training, and extend it for an entire school year.

What is CheckPoint?

CheckPoint is a program for young adults ages 18 – 25. It is designed to give participants one year to study God's word, learn leadership and to develop ministry skills. It is a great opportunity for young adults to establish Godly patterns for and set the trajectory of their life as they move forward. The purpose of the program is to train young adults for ministry and leadership, and to help them develop critical life and ministry skills. While the program is a part of the ministry of Inspiration Point Christian Camp and Retreat Center, the program does not deal exclusively or specifically with the ministry of Christian camping. Rather, the ministry at Inspiration Point serves as a field in which leadership, ministry and life skills can be developed. The goal is that young adults will develop skills that are transferrable to other life and ministry situations. The participation in ministry at Inspiration Point will also serve as a catalyst for discussion about issues related to serving others.

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The best part of CHECKPOINT is being able to explore the depths of God’s Word with people who care about each other and value your questions.
Gus Anderson, CheckPoint 2014-2015