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Little Leaps: Outdoor Discovery Class

About Little Leaps:

Little Leaps is an opportunity for preschool age children (3-5 years old and potty trained) that pairs learning with outdoor exploration and hands-on activities. Students will discover the world in which we live by experiencing it, in nature, for themselves. Little Leaps is a branch of Outdoor Adventure Education (OAE) at Inspiration Point. OAE is designed to provide outdoor learning expeditions to people of all ages, recognizing the benefits that accompany being outdoors and learning in nature. It aims to provide opportunities to exercise creative thinking, build resiliency and adaptability, and increase their sense of wonder; presenting your kids with the chance to fall in love with learning!

The staff and leaders:

Inspiration Point has a staff of highly trained individuals with significant experience in leading kids; equipped with the knowledge and skills to teach, guide and care for individuals. Our staff has a passion for the outdoors and helping kids discover, explore, and learn in this environment.  With vast camp and outdoor experience, this team is prepared to lead.


Each minute at Inspiration Point is dripping with purpose. From building social skills in group conversation, to observing surroundings and taking in the smallest details, everything is intentional.

A typical day at Little Leaps will include as much time outside as possible. Below is an example of a schedule:

8:30AM Drop Off and Outdoor Play
9:00AM Opening + Discovery Hike
9:30AM Learning Stations
10:00AM Story + Snack + Sharing
10:30AM Outdoor Adventure
11:00AM Wrap Up
11:15AM Pick Up + Outdoor Play