Navigator 2 and Explorer Bonus are underway!

July 3, 2023
Nav2 EXB 86

For the fourth week of the summer, we welcomed 62 campers from grades 3-8 for our Navigator 2 and Explorer Bonus camps! Registration was kicked off with a heavy downpour but that wouldn't stop campers from eagerly rolling in to move into their cabins. Instead of meeting at the hillside, the week began in the White Oak room with a skit and an introduction to the summer theme "Rock Solid." Campers then got to meet the staff and their cabin leaders!

Cabins then went through WHIRLWIND, which is a time for new and old campers to learn about what they can do to have a great week at camp! They learn how the gift shop works, some safety reminders, and then they head to pizza night where campers get to choose the toppings for their slice of pizza!

Next, cabins are off to the Hillside for a quick all camp photo. Then they head out to practice their cabin songs that they have prepared for the next event, HOOTENANY! Each cabin performs a song that they wrote that often shares what they are looking forward to about the week. Campers also met all of the support staff, learned the first theme verse of the week, and were introduced to this weeks speaker, Clay Mitchell.

To wrap up the first evening, campers met around the campfire pit and sang familiar songs together, then they headed back to their cabins to talk about why they came to camp and what they were excited about in the week ahead!


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