GROWTH at IPoint - Navigator 1

June 12, 2024
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It's WEDNESDAY and our Navigator campers are having a fantastic time! 

Camp offers kids a place where they are safe to ask questions, to try new things, and to be encouraged by leaders and peers throughout all of it.  When campers spend a week at IPoint, they encounter opportunities to grow emotionally, relationally, and spiritually -- take a look at the photos to see how ALL of those growth areas are present!  They are making new friends, learning how to get along with others who are different from them.  They are learning how to ask for forgiveness, how to look out for the needs of others, and how to build one another up, as God's Word calls us to do!  At the same time, they are growing in their relationship with God, as He meets them through worship times, Bible Study, and Time Alone with God (TAG).  

Today, our theme is "The Leading Role," which focuses on the truth that JESUS is the main character in God's story.  He is the One who has come to save us from our sins.  He is the way, the truth, and the life -- the ONLY way to God the Father.

At this moment, we can look across the grounds of IPoint and see every cabin huddled around their Bibles... what a joy it is to know that God's Word is being proclaimed all around this place! Pray with us - that the Word would take root & begin to grow in each camper's heart!

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