Navigator 2 / Explorer 2 / Trailblazer 1 Update

June 25, 2024

The grounds of IPoint have been filled with activity these last couple days! On Sunday, we welcomed THREE different age groups to camp - each one has brought so much joy.

Our Trailblazer camp is such a great opportunity for 1st-2nd graders to get acquainted with Inspiration Point.  As our youngest campers, they get to experience a LOT in a short amount of time.  These campers learned verses, sang around the campfire, went swimming, did crafts, got to know their cabinmates, read Scripture in Bible Study, played games, and SO much more.  We absolutely loved getting to see how God worked in their hearts over these last couple of days! Our team looks forward to inviting them back as campers year after year!

At the same time, our Explorer & Navigator camps have diving into our first two themes of the week - "The Screenplay" and "The Director."  Campers are learning that God has written a TRUE STORY that encompasses our entire lives.  They have spent meaningful time alone with God, as well as time opening up the Bible with their cabin leader.  Explorer & Navigator groups have also had opportunities to enjoy all of the activities that camp has to experience.  Check out some of the photos below to see evidence of the JOY!

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