Senior High 1 - Sunday Night

July 1, 2024
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Welcoming Senior High students to camp is ALWAYS an exciting day! Yesterday, we had the privilege of bringing in 144 9th-12th graders to Twin Oaks.  These students come with different backgrounds, different upbringings, different stories, and different personalities.  Through these differences, we ALWAYS see how God draws them together into a unified group - only by His power & His doing!  We often wish that others outside of camp could watch this very thing happen, because there is something unique about how God uses this ministry to bring individuals together!

This unifying of the camp began right away on Sunday as campers were introduced to their cabin groups.  They took off to enjoy a few hours together, getting to know one another & setting up a successful week.   Cabin groups enjoyed time around the table eating pizza and creating their cabin song, which was later performed at HOOTENANNY!  The creativity that these campers showed was INCREDIBLE, as they sang their songs so well - with actions and everything!  As Hootennany ended, our speaker, Todd Lenz, introduced himself and gave a preview into what he will be teaching this week.

The evening closed out with campfire, which is always a special tradition.  These Senior High students are in for a TREAT this week.  They'll be experiencing Christian fellowship and spending concentrated time in the Word!  Pray for them as you have a chance!

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