Senior High 1 - Adventure Course Highlight

July 2, 2024
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SENIOR HIGH 1 has been a BLAST so far! Students are experiencing countless opportunities for growth, all while having TONS of fun!  Yesterday, our campers participated in the high ropes course, theme night, worship time, 9-Square-In-The-Air, climbing wall, Bible Study, Time Alone With God, and special cabin group activities.  

One important highlight of the day was ADVENTURE COURSE.  Adventure Course is the name for IPoint's low-ropes program where students grow in things like teamwork, communication, problem-solving, relationship building, and stepping outside their comfort zone.  Each group starts out their block of time with a name game, ensuring that they are familiar with every individual in the group.  This warm-up is followed by a few "deinhibitizers."  The purpose of these specific activities is to allow the group to become comfortable with one another - and, laughter is typically involved!  Next, the group works on some trust exercises, growing their ability to rely on their teammates.  Finally, our cabin leaders will present a larger challenge for the group to accomplish together.  After time is dedicated to working through the challenge, the group finishes their time by processing what they learned and relating those concepts to our walk with the Lord.  Adventure Course is SUCH a powerful tool as experiential learning meets spiritual growth!

Continue to pray that these Senior High students would have open hearts to the Gospel!

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