Navigator 3 - Wednesday

July 11, 2024
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Our Navigator 3 campers were in for a JAM-PACKED Wednesday and they soaked it all in! Worship time, the Christ Hike, water games, Adventure Course, cabin activities, and more...

As the activities are enjoyable and spiritual growth is taking place, another glorious thing happens each week amongst the campers... the building of real & true COMMUNITY.

God does something special when students are away from their normal routines and rhythms.  He uses this environment to unite each group as campers come from different backgrounds, with different personalities.

A beautiful thing happens as campers watch their cabin leaders show genuine care to EVERY individual, no matter where they've come from.  Campers begin to see that model and act in a similar manner, welcoming those around them, despite differences that they might see.  Many of the divides that students experience in other settings fall to the wayside, and relationships at camp are built on MEANINGFUL things!

Campers that just met each other on Sunday afternoon run around during free time together.  Campers that come from different backgrounds find out that they actually have a lot in common.  Campers that are known for one particular thing at school get to come to camp and simply be loved for who they are - a beloved son or daughter of the King!

We have been blessed to watch our Navigator 3 camp grow in friendships this week - new & old! Thank you, Lord, for how you use camp to build real and beautiful community!

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